Affiliate Marketing

If you’re interested in what Affiliate Marketing is or what I mean when I talk about being an affiliate for someone then hopefully this page will help explain it for you.

I became an affiliate marketer in order to help others in some way and create an additional income stream for myself at the same time. I do this using websites and a special link which when followed, gets tracked and any purchases that are made, are reflected with a credit to my account.

To help make that simpler, if I recommend say a book in a review and someone clicks on an affiliate link to that book from my review and goes to amazon or another vendor and then makes a purchase, I would get a commission (a percentage of the sale revenue) credited to my account. Different vendors have different commission percentages…. some offer 2 or 3%, while others offer as much as 75% of the original sale price.

It’s great and anyone can learn how to become an affiliate if they choose.




If you’re interested, I use a site called Wealthy Affiliate where I learned the ropes and built my affiliate websites. They have a tremendous community and tons of resources. People are friendly and always willing to help. They have a Live Chat where you can ask questions if you want a fast response, or you can post questions in the community. You will learn everything you need to become an affiliate and best of all, it’s free… yes FREE! You don’t have to pay anything to join and there is also a paid for Premium membership if you decide later on that it might be beneficial to you.

You can create an account if it’s something you think you like the sound of and want to get involved.






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